When air conditioning your internal environment, it is important not to condition the air outside too. BRAC Engineers Ltd can design and install ventilation that works with your air conditioning and will provide a comfortable and pleasant environment.

This technology is called heat recovery ventilation. This technology recovers heat from extracted air during the winter to heat the incoming fresh air and recovers cool air to cool the incoming fresh air during the summer.

The key benefits of a heat recovery system are:

  • Simultaneously intakes fresh air and exhausts stale air
  • Total energy recovery
  • Extra Low mode for much better energy conservation.
  • Energy Saving by Weekly Timer
  • CO2 density sensor

New Hyper Eco Element Core – better energy conservation by improved total heat exchange efficiency.

This ventilation system doesn’t have to be incorporated with air conditioning it can be used simply as a stand-alone ventilation system. Statistics show that around 80-90% of waste heat or cooling energy can be recovered. This would cut down on running costs dramatically and save energy at the same time.

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